WS-1000MH Mini Wet Station for Spin Coaters

About the WS-1000MH

The Laurell WS-1000MH Series Mini Spin-Process Stations accommodate tighter spaces and smaller budgets. This simple station is distilled to the essence of what a true wet station must be for maximum affordability.


24" W x 43 3/8" D x 74 1/4" H
(61.0cm W x 110.04cm D x 188.60cm H)

  • All polypropylene construction (WS-1000MH-WPP)
    Self-extinguishing available, see below*
  • Accommodates the installation of any Laurell spin processor
  • Perforated wet-deck (easily removable)
  • Wet plenum
  • Exhaust Plenum with gauge
  • Isolated component/drawer below for heaters, pumps, vessels (drawer model shown)
  • Available without fume hood for more benign process requirements

  • Touch Screen Control Interface
    Watch the    Laurell Touch Demo Video
  • Processor exhaust interlock and control
    (standard on some models)
  • Through pressure vessel material stirring (magnetic)
  • Chemical heating
  • Rinse to resistivity
  • Drain diverter(s)
  • Vacuum loading wand
  • Wafer cassette stand
  • Leak detection
  • Light towers
*Advanced materials available if required

 Flame-Retardant Option

Best WS-1000-CP7-D — a polypropylene formulation whose flame retardant characteristics meet the most rigorous FMRC 4910 testing standards for most aspects of flame retardation, self-extinguishing characteristics and burn-through. This advanced material also meets or exceeds test standards for low smoke generation and minimal toxic by-products.

Need a larger (4’), more elaborate station? See WS-1000

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Laurell WS-1000MH Wet Station
Laurell WS-1000MH Wet Station
Laurell WS-1000MH Wet Station

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