High-Performance Drive (HPD-2)

High Performance Drive for Spin Coaters

When Laurell says High Performance, we mean it — its HPD-2 motor warranty is for the life of the equipment because it does NOT fail!

  • Acceleration: 80,000 RPM/Second unloaded — normally, no one runs without any load, so our Engineers selected 30,000 RPM/Second with a vacuum chuck and 100 mm SEMI wafer to set a practical control limit
  • 1—12,000 RPM in either direction — agitation routines available within each process step
  • Brushless direct drive motor with large bearings — the kind normally found in the finest jet engines — this is a field-proven, efficient, and reliable design in use for >10 years
  • Although Laurell systems typically run only a few hours per day on average, we do have several customers who run HPD-2 systems continuously (24/7) since 2007
  • Our 4000 pulse/revolution encoder and the use of a precision motor control (as is used on high-end CNC machine tools) allow us to say that there is NO MEASURABLE SPEED ERROR WHATSOEVER!
  • Because we use a position control technology:
    • Speed Accuracy is 0.0 RPM
    • Repeatability is 0.0 RPM
    • NIST traceability — see certificate